Attacked by Trump’s army on Facebook


This recent development over the #ProudBoys triggered something deep down in my soul. I am indeed a proud boy. Proud of being who I am and honored that my mother who passed away from COVID-19 on April 20, 2020 accepted me for who I am – a gay man.

In the process of trying to honor my moms legacy by promoting a book she wrote – The Anti-Trump Manifesto I have been learning about the ins and outs of social media advertising, algorithms, hashtags and a plethora of trendy internet buzzwords and services. I have learned what is deemed appropriate to post, what is not, how to get Facebook, Twitter, Amazon or Google to take down your ads. I have learned Amazon and Twitter won’t even let me make ads because the content of my mothers’ book is too political.

Upon watching the documentary on Netflix, The Social Dilemma, I am even more taken a back at how manipulated we are. What really strikes me as very strange is why, and how on earth I was given the authorization to make political ads on Facebook after a time-consuming approval process. If I can get approved, I just wonder what someone with millions of dollars behind them can do with approval.

Furthermore, what is most frightening and confusing to me regards the audiences being shown my advertisements about my moms’ book. I make no mystery in choosing the target audiences that the target audience for my moms’ book are people who support Biden, the Democratic Party and have liberal leaning views.

I have even created ads with target audiences people who support the left most leaning segments of the democratic party – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders. Yet I am being bombarded with comments and hate from fringe right-wing conservative Facebook users with some serious hate. I have posted links here to the three Facebook posts / ads I ran to promote the book my mom wrote.

Post 1

Post 2

Post 3

Here are some examples of the insane pictures that were posted –>

Here are examples of the types of comments I have received.

Paul Kurowski

Everything that a democrat says are lies based on hate.

Chris Berg

aren’t you sick of the democrats relentless slander?

Debby Hudgins

God Democrats and their supporters are about the most anti-American inhumane so-called people on earth

Dennis Calabrese

Trump lied?!?!? OMG, where are the torches and pitchforks? STOP VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS!!!

Jerry Lane

If you were really against tyranny & lies you would be against the democrat party!!

Dave Lake

TYRANNY and LIES that the Left have been spouting about the President of the Unites of America. Go Donald J. Trump.

Peter Crowley

Trump isn’t Toxic.

Obama, Creepy Joe, Gourmet Ice Cream Pelosi, Hillary the second coming of Hitler, Bill the rapist Clinton, THEY were toxic to our country! They don’t deserve power!

Remember that the Clintons and Obamas had their licenses to practice law were revoked because they abused their powers.

Trump is working tirelessly to help our country! Keep Trump, and dump the Democrats!

Robert Windham

This book is false at the start IF it says that President Trump is a tyrannt – statements like that require evidence/proof so do you Mariai have any? before you answer look up the definition of “tyrannt” and your opinion is not evidence.

Diane Hunter

Trump is the only one standing between American and the One World Order that every POTUS since Reagan has wanted. Research. World Economic Forum. Davos.

Questions I have…

  • What has the world come to?
  • Why is the code behind Facebook funneling the book promotions I ran towards such mindless and hateful individuals?
  • What can we do to heal this divide?
  • So many questions… alas only time will tell what is to come.
  • After reading through this comments I am truly frightened over we will be able to have a peaceful transition of power.

What am I doing? I’m supporting and canvasing for local democratic state senators in New York State. I am calling my Spanish speaking networks in Florida whenever I have a chance to talk to them about voting a totally blue ticket. I am going to work tirelessly until we elect Biden in November and initiate a blue wave!

Time will tell

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