The Anti-Trump Manifesto

Hello. This is Bennett, I am Maritza’s son. My mom, the creator of this website and author of the book The Anti-Trump Manifesto sadly passed away on April 20, 2020 after an unfortunate battle with COVID19. She was a healthy, proud woman with a quick wit and bold spirit who was always smiling. Maritza loved to travel, recently visiting Egypt, Jordan and Israel in search of the Ancient Middle Eastern Worlds – and just a few months prior, she was hiking in the Andes of South America. Her family is beyond heartbroken as to why COVID19 so seriously affected her when she had no pre-existing conditions, but they know she is now watching over them in peace.

Please view some words I wrote about her passing here

You can honor her by reading her book – The Anti-Trump Manifesto she worked tirelessly to publish this past January 2020.

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