10 Reasons why not to listen or watch President Trump

Why do we even bother to listen or watch our President? Here are ten reasons why we should avoid him, like the plague.

  1. His “Everybody has tried it, nobody but me has been successful” motto applies to everything he does and says from politics to economics, to morals. It does not matter if he is making something up. Worse, he believes his own lies. Boring!
  2. He thinks he knows better than any other expert in any given field. He does not care for opinions or advice from others. Crazy!
  3. He shamefully manipulates his Christian base, and most let him get away with it. Notwithstanding, he comes across as an amoral liar. Sinful!
  4. He cons as a way of life, and most of us are OK with it because we either adore him or his public persona. Puzzling!
  5. He has a knack for big words: “great,” “wonderful,” “terrific,” “incredible,” “fantastic,” “marvelous,” repeated over and over in the same paragraph. These only apply to the things he does or says. For the rest, there is only: “weak,” “traitor,” “awful,” “horrible,” “evil,” and so on. Shakespearean!
  6. He and his base are the only patriots, the only ones who could exercise their right to the First Amendment. Which makes the rest of the country, the enemy of the people, unpatriotic and disposable. Warped!
  7. He has a revolving door when it comes to his cabinet and people in his administration. Dangerous!
  8. He only trusts the super informed, super prepared, and super-able Ivanka and Puppy-Jared. Go figure, even the Israelis trust them. Ludicrous!
  9. He is unreasonable, unpredictable, impulsive, vindictive, evil… fill in the blanks!
  10. He has stopped being entertaining. This telenovela is overrated. We need depth and knowledge, not deceitfulness, and manufactured illusions. Get out of the way!

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